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I am Ajeet Kumar Shaah, an Avid image maker from North Indian District Kheri. My principal field of images and short clips making is Nature in every form and Indispensable to - AD Agencies, Publishers looking for Inorganic growth, Art Lovers, Collectors and Luxury Divas. I am active since 1977 and spent first two decades in learning, identifying and studying the behaviour of every creature in nature around me. Those were very wonderful and useful years. My imagery is Aesthetically captured in North Indian District Kheri, some in my back yard and some in and near vicinity of Dudhwa National Park.     In urban areas backyards are playing major role for our environment, now time has arrived to protect and portray each and every creature around us  for our future generations.

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    Needham's Skimmer Orthotomus sutorius Zosterops palpebrosus Accipiter Badius Calotes Versicolor Catopsilia pyranthe Pyranthe Changeable Lizard Coccinellidae Copsychus saularis R Bulbul Cordulegaster boltonii spp. boltonii Cyclorrhapha Danaus Chrysippus Dendrocitta Vagabunda Eudynamys Scolopacea R Crow Female Francolinus Pondicerianus R Free-ranging urban dogs Funambulus Palmarum Funambulus Palmarum Golden Dragonfly Grus antigone House Sparrow Indian Palm Squirrel Indian Silver bill Indian Silver bills Junonia Lemonias Lepidoptera Libellula needhami Lonchura Malacca R Sparrow Lonchura punctulata Lymantriinae Mason wasp Mason wasps Musca domestica Nectarinia Asiatica Needham's Skimmer Ocyceros birostris Passer domesticus Pericrocotus Flammeus R Bulbul Phasianidae Pycnonotus jocosus Rhyothemis variegata Scaly breasted munia Scaly breasted munias Sphecius speciosus Spilopelia chinensis Sunbird Three-Striped Palm Squirrels Turdoides Striata White throated Munia Zosterops palpebrosus male three-striped palm squirrel Accipiter Badius Acridotheres tristis R Pigeon Ashy Wren-Warbler Asian Swallowtail Butterfly Butterfly Calotes Versicolor Changeable Lizard Coromandel Marsh Dart Crocothemis erythraea Crown flower Eastern Garden Lizard Eudynamys Scolopacea R Crow Female Funambulus Palmarum Golden Dragonfly Goshawk Indian Silver bill Juvenile Lepidoptera Libellula needhami Libellulidae family. Lonchura malabarica Lonchura punctulata Lymantriinae Mottled Emmigrant Nectarinia Asiatica Needham's Skimmer Orthotomus sutorius Prinia socialis Purple Sunbird Female Purple Sunbird male Rodent Scaly breasted munia Scaly breasted munias Scorpiones Spilopelia chinensis Stray purebreds Sunbird Tailor Bird Three-Striped Palm Squirrel Upupa epops White throated Munia Zosterops palpebrosus epops Hoopoe floss seven sisters warble
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