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Visualmondo, based in Berlin / Germany
We are specialized in creating nature and wildlife footage with multicopters from the air, on land and underwater.  Amazing locations, amazing shots!

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Lesser flamingo Mobula tarapacana Polihierax semitorquatus Acinonyx Acinonyx jubatus Aepyceros Aepyceros melampus Aepycerotinae African bush elephant Agapornis Alcedinidae Anthophila Ardea Ardeidae Ardeotis kori Asteraceae Atlantic spotted dolphin Balaenoptera musculus Balaenopteridae Bovidae Bucerotidae Cagarro Calonectris borea Calonectris diomedea Ceratotherium simum Ciconiidae Ciconiiformes Coracias caudatus Coraciidae Corythornis Corythornis cristatus Crocuta crocuta Dehes Delphinidae Dendrosenecio keniodendron Diceros bicornis Egretta garzetta Elephantidae Elmolo Equidae Equus Estrilda astrild Estrildidae Falconidae Fishers lovebird Fura-Pawa Giraffa Giraffa camelopardalis Giraffidae Grampus Grampus griseus Himantopus himantopus alkaline anchor animalia antelope apex aquatic baboon bait baleen whale baleen whales big big cat bird bird of prey black rhino boat box ray brown buffalo bumblebee cabbage butterfly cabbage moth cabbage white chilean devils ray chordota colonial breeder common stilt common zebra cruise desert devils ray dolphins ebony endangered species eurasioan beaver false killer whales fishermen fishing rod flamingo fur gerenuk giant groundsel giraffe antelope greater Guinean mobula gull herd holiday honey bee
NatureFootage offers the largest niche collection of HD and Ultra HD 4K+ stock footage focused on Nature & Wildlife, Oceans & Underwater, and People & Adventure, curated from hundreds of leading cinematographers worldwide.
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