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Claus Jensen Director of photographyI was raised in a dark room with a red lamp. My mother was a studio photographer and from an early age I played with cameras, picturing myself exploring the most remote parts of the world.I build my first underwat

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    4000-3000 bc Anemone Anemone Shrimp Arno Arrow Crab Balloonfish Balloonfish Eye Bamboo Fishtrap Banded Lobster Barracuda Barracuda Approaching Barrel Sponge Basket Star Basslet Bay abandoned acid rain admiral admiral butterfly agressiv turtle almond almond tree amphiteater amphitheater amphitheatre amputate amputated amputated turtle amputating amputation anchoring ancient ancient Rome ancient city ancient history ancient theater ancient theatre anesthesia animal care animal keeper animal welfare animalkeeper anputate anthozoa aphid araniella archaeologi archaeological site archaeology archeology architecture architesture arctic arctic anemone arctic birch arctic flower arctic hairy lousewort arctic ice arctic lake arctic plant arctic science arctic sea arctic tundra arctic whale aromia moschata arthropod assiatant assistant assistant working at work athropod autipsy autopsy bad tissue balaena mysticetus balena mysticetus bamboo bamgoo baptism baptize baptized barbed wire barrov barrow basalt basalt column basilica basket bathing facility bathroom battle beach bear bed bee beech beech tree beetle beetle feeding beetle on a leaf
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