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Didier Noirot is an award winning underwater cameraman who specializes in capturing emotive sequences of intimate animal behavior. With a proven track record of getting close to animals in silence, including great white sharks, whales and crocodiles, he h

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    Abstract Aerial African Buffalo Antelope Aquatic Plants Avoiding Another Shark Barber Fish Barberfish Barracuda Beach Black Striped Salema Blacktip Reef Shark Boat Bonito Bronze Whaler Shark ? Bryde's Whale ? Calf Calf Coming Up To The Surface Calf Descending Under The Mother Calf Playing Calf Sleeping Under The Mother Cape Buffalo Cape Gannet Cleaning Station Coastline Coming Next To A Boat Common Dolphin Concentrating Coral Reef Courtship Creole Fish Creolefish Crevice Crocodile Cruising Delta Dolphin Dorsal Fin Dugong Eland Feeding At Night Feeding At The Surface Feeding Frenzy Fly Free Diver Free Diving Freshwater Freshwater Fish Game Fish Gannet Goat Fish Hammerhead Shark Hippopotamus Humpback Whale Humpback Whale Sleeping Jack Jelly King Angelfish Lionfish Manatee Monofin Plankton Drifting Playfull Calf Playing Razor Surgeonfish Reef Fish Remora Rest Resting Rocky Shore Rugged Coast School Schooling Scuba Divers At Darwin Island Scuba Diving Sea Bird Sea Grass Sea Turtle Shallow Shark Bites On The Wings Shore Snorkelers Snorkeling Spinner Dolphin Spinner Dolphins Spotted Eagle Ray Stingray Stork Sucker Fish Around. Sun coast fresh water jellyfish marine mammal mother portrait reef reflection river shark
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