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Underwater footage.

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    Anemone Anthia Arc-Eye Hawkfish Arch Ascidian Bait Ball Bait Fish Baitball Banded Coral Shrimp Banner Fish Barracuda Barrel Sponge Bat Fish Black Anemonefish Black-Saddled Toby Blenny Blue Fin Trevally Blue Streaked Fusilier Bommie Brittle Star Bubble Coral Burrowing Anemone Butterfly Fish Cardinal Fish Carpet Shark Carrier Crab Cat Fish Chinese Dragon Nudibranch Christmas Tree Worm Chromodoris Nudibranch Clark's Anemone Fish Cleaning Station Cling Fish Clouds Coleman's Shrimp Common Lion Fish Coral Coral Hawk Fish Coral Reef Corallimorph Crinoid Cup Coral Cuttlefish Damsel Fish Damselfish Decorator Crab Demon Stinger Doublespot Lion Fish Eggs FIre Urchin Feather Star Featherduster Worm Fire Sea Urchin Flamboyant Cuttle Fish Flame File Shell Flying gurnard Formations Frog Fish Frogfish Funeral Jorunna Nudibranch Fusilier Geology Giant Clam Glass Sweepers Goby Golden Damsel Golden Sergeant Fish Gorgonian Hard Coral Harlequin Ghost Pipefish Humbug Hump Back Cleaner Shrimp Hydroids Inflatable Boat Island Islands Jungle Leaf Scorpion Fish Light Rays Lion Fish Lizard Fish Mandarin Fish Manta Ray Mantis Shrimp Mollusc Moorish Idol Moray Eel Nudibranch Oblique-banded Sweetlips Ocellated Phyllidia Nudibranch Octopus Orange Cup Coral Orange-Fin Anemone Fish Ornate Ornate Ghost Pipefish algae anemone fish crab flock grouper
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