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John Banovich, DGC, CSC, BA Film

John Banovich, DGC, CSC, BA Film Video Profile


Over 25 years as an award winning Director, Producer and Cinematographer of feature films, TV series and documentaries, with extensive experience in Wildlife and Natural History through out Canada and around the world.

Recipient of the  2020 Directors Screen Award - Platinum. 2019 - 40th Telly Award & Royal Wolf Film Awards for "Best Director". 2019 Vegas Movie Awards "Award of Excellence" &
Docs with Out Borders Film Festival "Outstanding Excellence" awards. 2019 Asian Cinematography Awards & Pinnacle Film Awards "Best Cinematography" awards.

John is a director member with the DGC (Directors Guild of Canada), DP with IATSE 669 (International Cinematographers Guild), full member CSC (Canadian Society of Cinematographers and associate member SOC (Society of Camera operators), holding a bachelor degree in Film from Bedford U.

Available for hire with gear and crew.

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