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Factual programming · Digital Asset Management · Live Events · Action Sports Shooting · Brand Creation · Media Archiving · New Media · Post Production · Corporate Marketing · Format ConversionWink Inc. knows how deliver. Whether you’re seeking “guns for hire” who can shoot, produce and edit your concept or you’re after a total revamp of your media archiving system, we are your clear choice. Some describe us as a media “boutique” that tailors each product to fit our client’s needs. Rather than a “plug and play” company, we work closely with you to deliver exactly what you want. Others describe us a “general contractor” that knows how to fit together the multitude of moving parts to create professional-quality end products. Our extensive network of national and international connections means we only work with the best of the best – and that means you get the best of the best. At Wink Inc. we know that “delivering” doesn’t just mean a stunning production, a flawless live event or a poignant corporate message. Wink Inc. delivers bang for the buck. Any company can create content that looks like what it costs. Wink Inc. specializes in producing shows, webisodes and demo pieces that appear to have double or triple the budget. Wink Inc. got its start as a live event and action sports production company. While much of our work now revolves around mainstream factual programming and digital asset management, this legacy positions us to understand branded content – and translate that to the screen. Our 15 years of continuous production – the last 10 of it in High Definition – has resulted in a truly unique collection of stock footage – the largest private held action sports collection in the world. When you work with Wink Inc. you can count on a company that’s ahead of the curve.We deliver programming throughout the world in a variety of formats. That means an unparalleled understanding of media conversations and compatibility. With offices in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Denver, Colorado, in this digital age we exist beyond any single location. From the “jungle” of the Big Apple to the jungles of Africa, our tech and business savvy crew delivers cutting edge products around the globe.

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