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"Born in Chicago as the son of a career Marine Corps father, travel was in my blood from an early age. Two tours in Washington, D.C. made me a regular at the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum where I marveled at the magnificent creatures that were on display there.

But it was living in Iwakuni, Japan that really taught me the importance of lines and form.

Japan is a land of indescribable beauty and I spent my time there trying to capture on film as much of it as I could.

If they say a picture is worth a thousand words then motion pictures are a thousand words, twenty four times a second.

Beautiful. Moving. Riveting. Stunning. These are the words that are often used to describe my work.

Some even say I am tapped into the life force of the Earth itself.

Whatever it is, I am driven to tell the story that Mother Nature and all her creatures share with me."
Kevin makes his home in the Heartland of the country where he shares his passion for life and nature with his wife Angi , Sadie the nature dog and Sasha the Schnoodle.

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