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The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation is a non-profit environmental science organization that seeks to protect and restore the world’s oceans through scientific research, outreach, and education. The Foundation has organized many large-scale scientific surveys including the Global Reef Expedition, the world’s largest coral reef survey and high-resolution habitat mapping expedition. The Expedition brought a team of scientists to remote around the globe to assess the health of coral reefs, and brought filmmakers along to document the journey. Our stock footage includes some of our best footage from the Global Reef Expedition shot by world class cameramen including: Doug Allan, Ernie Kovacs, John Ruthven, Jim F. Ball, and Peter Kragh. Our award winning films include Sharks Of The Coral Canyon, Mapping The Blue, Coral Reefs: Trouble In Paradise, and An Ocean Mystery: The Missing Catch.

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Acropora Active Reef Aerial Shot African Fishing Boat Barracuda Bigeye Bigeye Fish Bigeye Trevally Blacktip Reef Shark Blacktip Reef Sharks Bleached Bleached Coral Bleached Corals Bleached Reef Bleaching Boat Launch Boats Brain Coral Broken fishing dock Butterfly fish Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos Catching Cleaning Station Clouds Clown Triggerfish Clownfish Coast Coral Bleaching Coral Blooms Coral Coast Coral Fish Coral Islands Coral Reef Coral Reef Bleaching Coral Reef Fish Coral Tabletop Crab Crabs Crown of Thorns Starfish Dakar City View Dakar Coast Dakar Houses Damaged Coral Damaged Reef Damsel Fish Damselfish Dark Water Dead Coral Dead Reef Dermatolepis inermis Diver Divers Docked Eagle Ray Fakarava Fakarava Pass Feeding File Fish Fishing Boat Fishing Boats Fishing Village Fishing dock Fishing docks Flying Grey Reef Shark Grey Reef Sharks Grouper Spawning Harbor Hawk Healthy Reef Herd Humphead Wrasse Hunting Island Islands Lake view of fishing village Loggerhead Sea Turtle Loggerhead Turtle Manta Ray Manta Rays Marbled Grouper Moderately Healthy Reef Moorish Idol Moray Eel Mountains Nudibranch Nurse shark Old Fishing dock Overgrown Parrot Fish Pregnant Fish Pygmy Sweeper Pygmy Sweeper Fish Rainbow Runners Red Snapper Remora anemone clown fish grouper lyretail anthias
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