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Currently working in 6K on land and underwater.  I once lived on a coral atoll by myself for 44-days, working for National Geographic, pioneering survival / nature television.  My favorite thing to do is create interpretive center movies that describe an environment and all the creatures that live in that habitat.  I learned underwater squence building by working as an assistant to Howard Hall during the creation of five IMAX movies.  I currently live and work in Central California between Santa Cruz and San Jose.

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    California Toad Fern Landfill Pacific Chorus Frog (Grampus griseus) 12 To 15 Feet Long 15 To 27 Inch Fork Length During Spawning 2 Legs Per Body Section 2000 Year Old Trees 24 Stinging Tentacles 2nd Most Painful Sting In The World 4 Chamber Stomach 500 To 530 Pounds In Weight 700 To 730 Poiunds In Weight 9 To 30 Pounds Each 95 To 120 Inch Wingspan A Few Weeks Away From Hatching Acropora palmata Actinemys marmorata or Emys marmorata Active Sharks Adapted To Human Environment Adult Female Elk Adult Geese Adult Geese Near Pond Adult Geese Next To Fledglings Adult Goose After Sunset Agelaius phoeniceus Aggressive Aggressive Sharks Agouti Agouti in forest Agouti play Air Pollution Air Pollution Source Airship Albatross Alder Trees Alligator habitat Alligator in bayou Almost Foreplay Almost Ready To Hatch Alpaca feeding and resting Ambystoma californiense Ambystoma macrodactylum croceum Anadromous Fish Anaxyrus boreas halophilus Anchovy Ancient Antlers Apex Predator Aquatic Insect Aquatic Turtle Ara militaris Arachnid Arboreal Rodent Ariolimax columbianus Arrow crab Art Attraction Auditory Alerts Aulostomus maculatus Aurelia aurita Average 8 Pounds Baby Whale Baby dolphin Bait Ball Baitball Baited Sharks On The Surface Banana slug Barn Barnacles Bat Star Bats Bay Beach Beautiful Ocean Sunset Over Pacific Ocean Bee Beef cattle Before Infestitation Of Gold Spotted Oak Borer Beetle Begin Life As An Amphibian Behavior To Locate And Confuse Prey Best Eyes Of Any Invertebrate Bird Of Prey Birth Black Bear Black rockfish Black skimmer Black skimmers Blackbury Blsting Bubbles Blue Belly Blue Rockfish Blue Water Sharks Blue Whale Blue parrotfish algae attacked by birds on surface birds of prey blue water
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