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Co-owner of N2Pix specializing in underwater imagery, videographer and independent filmmaker, Julie Ouimet has a passion for sharks and capturing the beauty of the ocean, but also raising awareness on the importance of protect it. Her interests include capturing images of unique animals, behaviors and environments.

Her portfolio ranges from large animals to macro but also includes topside and aerial footage, with a feature on less explored northern waters.


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    Abui tribe Anemones Atlantic Spadefish Barracudas Beach Bigeye jacks Black crested macaque Black jacks Blue shark Blue-spotted jawfish Bobtail squid Boobies Bottle floating Bottlenose dolphins Brown boobies Brown booby Bull shark Busy anemone Butterflyfis Calou Cancer irroratus Clipperton Rock Clipperton angelfish Coleman's shrimp Coral reef Cormorant Cortez garden eels Coyote Deer Elctric clams - Ctenoides ales False clown anemone fish False clown anemonefish (Amphiprion ocellaris) Finespotted moray eel Flying fish underwater Flying gurnard Frigate bird Giant Pacific Manta Giant frogfish Golden spadefish (Platax boersii) Golden sweepers Goniobranchus leopardus nudibranch Green sea turtle Group of black crested macaques Hawksbill turtle Kids Komodo dragons Lacey rhinopia Lagoon Leopard stingray Lighthouse Lion's mane Lizardfish Lokon volcano crater Manta rays Marine debris Masked booby Mobula Mobula rays active volcano albimarginatus ammunition barracuda boat boxer crab bull cardinalfish cephalopod comb jelly convict tangs cuttlefish devil ray devil rays dive skiff dragon dragons dugout canoes eel fall fog along rocky cliff frogfish fusiliers gelatinous marine creatures inflatable jellyfish juvenile catfish komba larch larval shrimp lionfish long lines longimanus male sealion manta ray melibe mobula ray mobulas mola mola moon fish moon jellyfish moray
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