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We produce 4K footage of wildlife and nature and specialize in birds and other animals. Watch our recent 4K demo reels:Costa Rica wildlife and nature in 4K: spring wildlife in 4K: fall wildlife in 4K: wildlife and nature in 4K: summer wildlife in 4K:

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    Accipiter Striatus Afro Pavo Afrotarsiidae Afrotarsius Airplane Alcedo Atthis Alligator Alligator mississippiensis Ameiva American Bird American Eagle American Emblem American Gold-Finch American Goldfinch American Redstart American Robin American alligator American red squirrel Animalcyanomelana Anole Ardea Cinerea Ardeidae Armadillo Asia Asian Bird Asian Bug Asian Fairy Bluebird Asian Fairy-Bluebird Asian Insect Astragalinus Tristis Baltimore Oriole Bee Berry Big Eyes Birch Tree Bird Bird Call Bird Calling Bird Of Prey Bird Song Bird Vocalising Bird of a prey Birds Bittern Black Black Beak Black Vulture Black-and-white Warbler Black-bellied Whistling Duck Blue Blue And White Flycatcher Blue Bird Blue Jay Blue-Bird Bohol Bohol Island Branch Branches Breed Breeding Bright Brown Brown-crested Flycatcher Bucerotidae Bug Bush Bush Crickets Bushes Butterfly Caelifera Call Canada Goose Carduelis Carduelis Carduelis Carduelis Tristis Carduelis Tristis Jewetti Carduelis Tristis Pallidus Carduelis Tristis Salicamans Carlito Caterpillar Cattail Cedar waxwing Cephalopachus Chicken Hawk Chipmunk Chloropsis Jerdoni Chloropsis Kinabaluensis Cobegos Collared Kingfisher Colorful Colugos Common Basilisk Common Egret Common Kingfisher Common Yellowthroat animal avian beak beautiful clouds
    NatureFootage offers the largest niche collection of HD and Ultra HD 4K+ stock footage focused on Nature & Wildlife, Oceans & Underwater, and People & Adventure, curated from hundreds of leading cinematographers worldwide.
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