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Hours of Stunning Underwater Footage brought to you from The Red Sea, Philippines and Palau.

I began my career as a diving professional in the Red Sea in 2005 where I worked as a Scuba Diving Instructor for the prestigious Camel Dive Club. I started filming underwater professionally in 2007 and strive to offer a fresh perspective on the life aquatic in my film making and underwater work.

I have filmed underwater for broadcast television production companies, feature films and movie studios.

The footage library featured here is available for purchase and comes from thousands of hours spent diving in the Red Sea, Philippines and Palau.

Imaginative, creative and artistic, I always try to capture the best footage possible with an enthusiastic flare of energy.

Search through this vast collection of footage or to find out the latest information visit my website at:

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    Sea Slug 1 16 16:9 16:9 16:9' Widescreen 16:9' Widescree 16:9' Widescreen 360-Degree Vision Abundant Abundant Species Aggressive Behaviour Aggressive Demeanor Agile Agile Predators Agile Swimmers Akule Alert Ambassis Interrupta Ambush Prey Amphidromous Ampullae Of Lorenzini Anal Fin Anana-Tail Ray Anemone Anemonefish Angelfish Anguilliform Undulations Anthias Apex Predator Artisanal Fisheries Asymmetrical Atlantic Crevalle Jack Atlantic Manta Atlantic Spadefish Attack Attacked Attractive Appearance Azygous Prefrontal Shield Baby Baby Sharks Banana-Tail Ray Banded Sea Krait Banded Trevally Barracuda Barrier Trevally Bat Fish Batfish Battery Battery Of Barracudas Battling Behaviorally Distinct Behaviour Bicolor Parrotfish Big Big Fish Bige Bigeye Crevalle Jack Bigeye Jack Bigeye Kin Bigeye Kingfish Bigeye Scad Bigeye Trevally Bigfin Reef Squid Bigmouth Mackerel Binocular Vision Biodiversity Bioerosion Bite Black Black And White Markings Black And White Snappers Black Finned Shark Black Manta Ray Black Snapper Black Spotted Ray Black Spotted Stingray Black Stripe Black Tip Black Tip Reef Shark Black Ulua Black-And-White Seaperch Black-And-White Snapper Black-Blotched Stingray Black-Vee Whaler Blackfin Reef Shark Blacktip Reef Blacktip Shark Bleached coral reef Bleaching Blotched Fantail Ray Blue Blue Dragon Nudibranch Blue trevally algae anemone fish animal barred trevally beautiful blackfinned anemonefish blue spotted stingray
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