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An award winning photographer, lecturer and presenter with over 35 years experience, Terry’s North American images portray a diversity of natural subjects: mammals, birds, insects, as well as their individual and/or unique habitats – from Lake Superior’s northern boreal and bog habitats to western mountain and desert.Terry believes that the smaller, less noticed species of the environment are no less important than higher-profile subjects. He combines his extensive knowledge of wildlife and habitat with many hours spent in the field, capturing natural wildlife behavior.He and his wife, Annette, own and operate their still photography and High-Definition Nature video business; Nature in HD. Having access to, and capturing, much of the wildlife and scenic areas of the Mississippi River basin and Great Lakes region, they are the premier HD Nature videographers in the Upper Midwest.“Our natural world is a priceless gift. We must view it as such and conduct ourselves as stewards of the land, not consumers of resources.”Nature in HD provides quality high-definition wildlife and nature stock footage. Please visit

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    NatureFootage offers the largest niche collection of HD and Ultra HD 4K+ stock footage focused on Nature & Wildlife, Oceans & Underwater, and People & Adventure, curated from hundreds of leading cinematographers worldwide.
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