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Polka-Dot Batfish Video Stock Footage

The polka-dot batfish is a bottom-dwelling fish that can measure up to 380 mm (15 in) from head to tail. It is a broad, dorso-ventrally flattened, arrow-shaped fish similar in appearance to a ray. The pelvic fins are located further forward than the broad, pectoral fins which flare out on both sides, supported by arm-like stalks. The polka-dot batfish looks similar to the short-nose batfish (Ogcocephalus nasutus), although the pectoral fins of the polka-dot batfish are speckled with small spots whereas those of the short-nose are plain. The colouring of the polka-dot batfish is variable it is usually brown with darker spots, some rimmed with white, and scattered patches of reddish or orangish-brown. This colouration provides camouflage as the fish lies on the seabed waiting for prey. The top of the head and body are covered in tubercles, giving it a rough texture and warty appearance it does not have scales. The polka-dot batfish has an elongated rostrum (a unicorn-like projection between the eyes) on its large bony head. The dorsal fin has become modified to a single spine located under the rostrum. Learn more about Polka-Dot Batfish

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Animalia: Chordata: Lophiiformes: Actinopterygii: Ogcocephalidae: Ogcocephalus radiatus

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