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Ring-Tailed Cardinalfish Video Stock Footage

This fish is coppery-coloured with a broad blackish bar at the base of the tail, up to 14.5 cm in length. The upper jaw has a narrow blue streak, and a broad blackish stripe extends from the front of the snout to the eye. Easily confused with Ostorhinchus fleurieu, where the black tail bar does not narrow in the centre, but unlike this species, the stripe is also present in juveniles. Internally, O. aureus is one of a large group of nocturnal feeding fishes which has a black pigmented gut lining, apparently to hide the glow of bioluminescent prey from its own piscivores in turn. The eyes of O. aureus allow the transmission of ultraviolet light, which if it is proven to be able to see, could benefit its nocturnal foraging. Learn more about Ring-Tailed Cardinalfish

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Animalia: Chordata: Perciformes: Actinopterygii: Apogonidae: Ostorhinchus aureus

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