NatureFootage Advantage

NatureFootage offers you new opportunities for marketing and selling stock footage online to a global stock footage market through the NatureFootage portal. Some of the benefits of being in the NatureFootage contributor network include:

New Revenue From Your Stock Footage Collection

Your footage is available for online search, preview, licensing and delivery 24/7, gaining global market exposure and the opportunity to earn new revenue from your stock footage collection. In addition, our professional sales team will help maximize sales from your valuable footage.

New Web-based Branding and Marketing Opportunities

All of your stock footage clips are searchable from your own customizable Profile Page. Add your own show reel, publish your bio, and build galleries of your favorite clips. NatureFootage also offers our exclusive contributors custom stock footage websites to elevate your brand online to a global community.

Powerful and Easy-to-use Online Media Management

Manage your footage online using the unique capabilities of ClipLog 2.0® technology. Create bins and customize your own commonly used categories and keywords for efficient footage logging.

Revolutionary Server Side R3D Workflow

Color correct your RED footage in RED Cine X, and then simply upload the original R3D with its sidecar file. We’ll handle the rest! All preview media and delivery formats will be rendered on the server with your color correction applied. No need to transcode on your end, saving you terabytes of storage and hours of rendering!

Lightning-Fast Uploads

Using a special plugin from Aspera, our website enables you to maximize your bandwidth, using 98% of your connection speed for both download and upload. We know your time is valuable.

Your Footage Is Secure

Your master media is kept in three separate copies, two in our state-of-the-art data center, and one in a secure location off site.

Industry Leading Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We have over a decade of experience making sure footage reaches the top of Google search results. Using our web platform and ClipLog® technology, you will be able to ensure that your footage is found fast.

Set Your Pricing

You control the price of each clip offered to buyers on the web. NatureFootage offers Royalty Free, Rights Managed, Premium and Exclusive licensing categories.

Track Clip Views and Downloads

You can track how often each clip is viewed online and the number of times clips are downloaded for offline preview.

Shot Requests

Receive shot requests for subject material not available online.

Custom Stock Footage Websites

Footage Search, our technology division, can create a customized interface for your clients to access stock footage directly from your website, offering customers the best in search, preview, licensing, and delivery. This service is limited to select exclusive contributors with a proven track record of sales. Elevate your brand online!

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NatureFootage offers the largest niche collection of HD and Ultra HD 4K+ stock footage focused on Nature & Wildlife, Oceans & Underwater, and People & Adventure, curated from hundreds of leading cinematographers worldwide.