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Mauricio Handler is  director of photography at Aquaterrafilms, a  natural history content production company.
Aquaterrafilms specializes in the creation of unique worldwide 6K+ content both underwater and on land.

For more on Mauricio Handlers work also visit:
Instagram @aquaterrafilms

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River Zebra Moray eel Alaska Animal Encounter Atlantic Salmon Brook Trout Cliff Freshwater Fish Inside Passage Maine Manta Ray Peru River Salmo salar Salvelinus fontinalis School Stream Subsistence Fishing Symbiosis Tradition Tree log Ursus maritimus Weird Fish Whale shark Wildlife Viewing coast creek mountain plate coral videography (Canis lupus Acadia National Park Alces alces Algae Amberjack Ambush Ambush Hunters Ambush Predator American Bald Eagle American Black Duck American Bullfrog American Red Squirrel An observation blind Anas Rubripes Anchovies Andean Flamingo Anti Venom Apnea Araucaria Araucana Arctic loon Arctocephalus australis Artificial Reefs Atlantic Sailfish Atlantic Salmon Atlantic flyingfish Atlantic spotted dolphin Baby Baby animal Baby calf Balaenoptera musculus Balaenoptera physalus Bald Eagle Banded Archerfish Banded Sea Snake Barracuda Barred Owl Batfish Baxter State Park Beaver Belcher's GUll Beluga Whale Beluga Whales Benthic Benthic Marine Life Bentic Feeders Big Eddy Birds Black Duck Black Sand Black-Throated Loon Blennies Blonde Blue Fish Blue Marlin Blue Shark Blue Water Mangroves Blue Whale Boat Bobbit Worm Bobby Bony Fish Boobies Bottom Dweller archarodon carcharias bait fish beach beam beams billfish blue water
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