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At a time when biodiversity is in unprecedented decline, NatureFootage continues to build a comprehensive collection of curated videos of the world’s wildlife to inspire conservation in programming and a passion for nature. You can now browse over 6,000 species in our stock footage collection. Our browse interface allows you to search our video catalogue by family group, common names, and latin names of terrestrial and marine animals and plants.  At NatureFootage you can dive deep into the diversity of life!

Since 2002, NatureFootage has helped to promote the work of leading cinematographers who are passionate about nature, the oceans, and wildlife. NatureFootage is committed to the documentation of wildlife through the curation of quality video for environmental stories and programming.  In an effort to help protect threatened species and enable content producers to tell their stories, NatureFootage now offers a browse by species tool which includes the Conservation Status for each species. The IUCN currently estimates that more than 37,400 species are threatened with extinction, which includes the following statuses: Vulnerable (VU), Endangered (EN), Critically Endangered (CR).  Through our stories we can work together to create greater awareness of threats to Vulnerable and Endangered species. If you are a videographer with access to footage of an endangered species, please consider uploading your footage to the NatureFootage website.

NatureFootage offers the largest niche collection of HD and Ultra HD 4K+ stock footage focused on Nature & Wildlife, Oceans & Underwater, and People & Adventure, curated from hundreds of leading cinematographers worldwide.
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