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Adelie Penguin Video Stock Footage

These penguins are mid-sized, being 46 to 71 cm (18 to 28 in) in height and 3.6 to 6.0 kg (7.9 to 13.2 lb) in weight. Distinctive marks are the white ring surrounding the eye and the feathers at the base of the bill. These long feathers hide most of the red bill. The tail is a little longer than other penguins' tails. The appearance looks somewhat like a tuxedo. They are a little smaller than most other penguin species. Adélie penguins usually swim at around 5 miles per hour (8.0 km/h). They are able to leap some 3 metres (10 ft) out of the water to land on rocks or ice. Learn more about Adelie Penguin

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Animalia: Chordata: Sphenisciformes: Aves: Spheniscidae: Pygoscelis adeliae

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