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Atlantic Cornetfish Video Stock Footage

Trumpetfish are long bodied fish with an upward facing mouth at the end of a long tubular snout. It has the ability to change colour, either to communicate their excitement or to camouflage them. The most frequent colours recorded are brown or even blue, green or orange tones, or intermediate shades. It can display a pattern of pale, vertical and / or horizontal lines, or a dark mottling on the body. The dorsal and anal fins are semitransparent with a black dot in front of it. Typically it has a pattern of four white spots on the body, between the dorsal and anal fins three white vertical lines in the long caudal peduncle and a black, submarginal, in each margin of the caudal fin dot. Learn more about Atlantic Cornetfish

View related species in family group: Seahorse and Pipefish

Animalia: Chordata: Syngnathiformes: Actinopterygii: Aulostomidae: Aulostomus strigosus

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