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Chambered Nautilus Video Stock Footage

The range of the chambered nautilus encompasses much of the south Pacific It has been found near reefs and on the seafloor off of the coasts of Australia, Japan, and Micronesia. The eyes of the chambered nautilus, like those of all Nautilus species, are more primitive than those of most other cephalopods the eye has no lens and thus is comparable to a pinhole camera. The species has about 90 cirri (referred to as "tentacles", see Nautilus ยง Cirri) that do not have suckers, differing significantly from the limbs of coleoids. Chambered nautiluses, again like all members of the genus, have a pair of rhinophores located near each eye which detect chemicals, and use olfaction and chemotaxis to find their food. Learn more about Chambered Nautilus

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Animalia: Mollusca: Nautilida: Cephalopoda: Nautilidae: Nautilus pompilius

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