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Doublespotted Queenfish Video Stock Footage

Doublespotted queenfish are known to reach up to 110 cm total length and mass up to 11.0 kg (24 lb.). They are primarily silver in color, with dark coloration on the dorsal and caudal fins and a row of dark spots on either side of the lateral line. Scales needle-like and embedded in tough skin breast scales sharply lanceolate and embedded on middle of body below lateral line but lack the scutes of some other jacks. This species ranges eastward from the Red Sea and eastern Africa to Hawaii, the Marquesas, and the Tuamoto Islands. It is found as far north as southern Japan and south to New South Wales and Rapa Iti. It occupies relatively clear waters from the surface to about 100 m (330 ft.). Juveniles inhabit shallow water near the shore, including brackish areas. Adults are associated with reefs. They are primarily solitary. Learn more about Doublespotted Queenfish

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Animalia: Chordata: Perciformes: Actinopterygii: Carangidae: Scomberoides lysan

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