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Feather Star Video Stock Footage

Like other feather stars, F. serratissima has a stalk, a calyx and a set of arms. The mouth is located on the upper side at the centre of the calyx, with the anus nearby. Surrounding the calyx are five jointed limbs. These branch at the base to form ten or more arms, each of which has jointed appendages known as pinnules growing from it, in a feather-like fashion. The centre of each arm has an ambulacral groove down which food particles are moved by cilia to the mouth. When the arms are fully extended to either side, the crinoid may measure 25 cm (10 in) across. On the aboral (under) surface are clawlike cirri which grasp the seabed. This feather star is reddish-brown. Juveniles have a long stalk. Learn more about Feather Star

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Animalia: Echinodermata: Comatulida: Crinoidea: Antedonidae: Florometra serratissima

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