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Gopher Rockfish Video Stock Footage

Gopher rockfish have a generally mottled appearance, with dark areas generally olive to reddish brown, and the lighter areas being white or sometimes pinkish. The upper part of the back almost always has three light patches extending into the dorsal fins, and the lighter areas become more extensive ventrally. They range in size up to about 40 cm. They are known from as far north as Cape Blanco in Oregon, down to Punta San Roque in southern Baja California. They can be found in the intertidal zone, but most occur at depths of 12󈞼 metres, living in crevices and holes during the day, and ranging further abroad at night to feed on benthic crustacea, cephalopods, and some types of fishes. They are territorial, claiming an area of 10󈝸 square metres. Learn more about Gopher Rockfish

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Animalia: Chordata: Scorpaeniformes: Actinopterygii: Sebastidae: Sebastes carnatus

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