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Hardyhead Silverside Video Stock Footage

The hardyhead silverside is a robust, broad headed, small fish which is distinguished by having a very low and wide lateral process of premaxilla with the upper margin of the anterior bone of the lower jaw which bears the teeth is almost flat distally and has no distinct tubercle at its posterior end. The posterior of the jaw reaches at least as far as the vertical through anterior margin of the pupil. The mouth has small teeth on palate which do not form obvious ridges. The anus is usually behind but close to the posterior tip of the pelvic fin. There are 18-24 lower gill rakers and the midlateral scale count is 40-44. The lower edge of the midlateral band reaches below the ventral end of the third scale row and nearly extends to the center of the fourth scale row where it is level with the origin of the anal fin. The dorsal fin has 5-8 spines and 9-10 soft rays while the anal fin has 1 spine and 12-17 soft rays and it has 43-44 vertebrae. They can grow up to 14 cm but are more usually in the range 10–12 cm. Freshly caught specimens are overall silvery in colour, tending to greenish on the dorsal area but with a bright blue strip along the flank, dusky fins and a translucent appearance when seen live in the water. In New Caledonia, hardyhead silversides attain sexual maturity just before they reach a year old, spawning from late August through to December. The species has a relatively low fecundity and this combined with the extended spawning season sugges...Learn more about Hardyhead Silverside

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Animalia: Chordata: Atheriniformes: Actinopterygii: Atherinidae: Atherinomorus lacunosus

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