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Horse Mussel Video Stock Footage

Modiolus modiolus is a large mussel growing to 22 cm (9ins) long though 10 cm (4ins) is a more typical size. The shell is purpleish or dark blue and robust, with horny protuberances when young. The two valves are roughly triangular or bluntly oblong with rounded umbones near the anterior end. The annual growth lines are clear and there is a fine sculpturing of concentric grooves and ridges. The interior of the shell is white with a broad pallial line, large anterior adductor muscle scar and smaller posterior adductor muscle scar. The body is deep orange and the mantle is unfrilled. The shell is firmly attached to the substrate by byssus threads. In Scottish Gaelic, the species is called 'clabaidh-dubha' ('clabby doos'), meaning 'big black mouths'. More recently in Scotland the species is commonly known and referred to as 'clappy-doo'. In the Shetland dialect, they are known as 'yoags'. Learn more about Horse Mussel

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Animalia: Mollusca: Mytiloida: Bivalvia: Mytilidae: Modiolus modiolus

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