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Laced Moray Eel Video Stock Footage

Gymnothorax favagineus is a large moray which can reach a maximum length of 300 cm, but specimens usually encountered are much smaller. Its serpentine in shape body has a white to yellowish background color dotted with numerous black spots which latter vary in size and shape depending on the individual and on the environment in which the animals live. Therefore, morays living on a reef with clear water will have less black spots than those of a turbid environment. It is from this characteristic color pattern that ensue its vernacular names. It lives on the outer slopes of coral reefs. During the day, it sits sheltered in crevices between 3.3 and 148.5 feet (1 and 45 meters) deep. Learn more about Laced Moray Eel

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Animalia: Chordata: Anguilliformes: Actinopterygii: Muraenidae: Gymnothorax favagineus

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