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Many-Lobed Ceratosoma Nudibranch Video Stock Footage

Ceratosoma tenue can grow to a maximal size of 12 cm length. The body colouration is extremely variable but is always composed of bright colors. However, the body colouration is not a valuable criterion of determination for this species because it can easily be confused with Ceratosoma tribolatum. The physical distinctive criteria are three mantle lobes on the first half of the body on each side and the purple margin of the mantle and foot is a dotted line. Another specificity of many species of Ceratosoma is the kind of "horn" covering the gills, which is like a lure and acts as a defensive chemical weapon that will scare any potential predator who dares to bite this part. The gills and the rhinophores are retractile in internal sheaths. Learn more about Many-Lobed Ceratosoma Nudibranch

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Animalia: Mollusca: Nudibranchia: Gastropoda: Chromodorididae: Ceratosoma tenue

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