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Marine Otter Video Stock Footage

The marine otter is one of the smallest otters and the smallest marine mammal, measuring 87 to 115 cm (34 to 45 in) from the nose to the tip of the tail and weighs 3 to 5 kg (6.6 to 11.0 lb). The tail measures 30 to 36 cm (12 to 14 in). Its fur is coarse, with guard hairs measuring up to 2 cm (0.79 in) in length covering dense, insulating underfur. The marine otter is dark brown above and on the sides, and fawn on the throat and underside. The marine otter has webbed paws and strong claws. The ventral side (underside) of the paws are partially covered in fur. It has 36 teeth and a dental formula of 3.1.3- The teeth are developed for slicing instead of crushing. The marine otter does not display sexual dimorphism. Learn more about Marine Otter

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Animalia: Chordata: Carnivora: Mammalia: Mustelidae: Lontra felina

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