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Pacific Crevalle Jack Video Stock Footage

The Pacific crevalle jack is a relatively large fish, growing to a maximum recorded size of 101.6 cm in length and 19.7 kg in weight. It is similar to most other jacks of the genus Caranx, having a moderately deep and compressed, oblong body, with the dorsal profile more convex than the ventral profile, particularly anteriorly. The dorsal fin is in two distinct sections the first consisting of eight spine and the second of one spine and 19 to 21 soft rays. The anal fin consists of two anteriorly detached spines followed by one spine and 16 to 17 soft rays. The pectoral fins are falcate, and consist of 19 to 21 soft rays, while the caudal fin is strongly forked. The species lateral line is moderately arched anteriorly, with 58 to 79 scales in this section, while the straight section contains none to seven scales and 34 to 43 strong scutes. The breast is devoid of scales with the exception of a small patch of scales in front of the pelvic fins. The species has well-developed adipose eyelids, while its dentition consists of an outer row of widely spaced canine teeth and an inner band of villiform teeth in the upper jaw, with a row of widely spaced conical teeth on the lower jaw. The Pacific crevalle jack has 21 to 27 gill rakers and 24 vertebrae. There are significant differences in the development of hyperostosis between this species and C. hippos. The Pacific crevalle jack is a bluish-green to bluish-black dorsally, fading to a silvery white or golden shad...Learn more about Pacific Crevalle Jack

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Animalia: Chordata: Perciformes: Actinopterygii: Carangidae: Caranx caninus

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