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Palau Nautilus Video Stock Footage

The Palau nautilus, Nautilus belauensis, is mainly found in Palau in the Western Carolines as its name suggests. It can be found on fore reef slopes in depths ranging from 95m to 504m but typically prefers to remain within 150-300m where water temperatures range between 16.6 to 9.4ÂșC. N. belauensis are highly mobile epibenthic scavenging herbalist and opportunistic predators that relies mostly on scent detection. They are active both diurnally and nocturnally within the preferred depth range although most shallow-water-incursions are usually nocturnal events that coincide with greatly diminished fish activities. Learn more about Palau Nautilus

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Animalia: Mollusca: Nautilida: Cephalopoda: Nautilidae: Nautilus belauensis

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