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Pimpled Phyllidiella Nudibranch Video Stock Footage

Although this nudibranch changes appearance as it grows, three median clusters of (usually) pink tubercles remain the same, except that they are amalgamated in juveniles and separated in large animals. These tubercles can range in color from pink to green to white. The intensity of the pink coloration and green-grey tones may possibly be related to diet, and the length of time since last feeding. Other distinguishing features are the pale pink edge of the mantle, the broad, triangular, black tipped oral tentacles and the rhinophoral clavus possessing 22 to 26 lamellae (in specimens greater than 35 mm). Learn more about Pimpled Phyllidiella Nudibranch

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Animalia: Mollusca: Nudibranchia: Gastropoda: Phyllidiidae: Phyllidiella pustulosa

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