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Tiger Flatworm Video Stock Footage

Maritigrella crozierae is a large flatworm. The upper side of its body is boldly striped in yellow and black. The underside is creamy white with a sucker near the centre. The margin is ruffled, rimmed with orange and fringed with small orange tentacles. It has a tubular pharynx and two tentacles at the front of its head, formed from folds of parts of the front of its body. Just behind these is its brain, with two elongated clusters of ocelli (eyespots) on either side. It usually grows to about 20 mm (0.8 in) in length and occasional individuals may reach twice this size. Maritigrella crozierae is a simultaneous hermaphrodite, which means that an individual has both male and female gonads at the same time. Fertilisation is internal by hypodermic copulation. One individual approaches another from behind, rears up and falls forward, piercing the other with a fine stylet and inserting white bundles of sperm. Often the second individual reciprocates and both are inseminated at the same time. About 48 hours later, several clumps of cream coloured eggs are laid. These later hatch into larvae known as Muller's larvae which are planktonic. Learn more about Tiger Flatworm

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Animalia: Platyhelminthes: Polycladida: Rhabditophora: Euryleptidae: Maritigrella crozieri

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